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No, it is designed for pitching and playing catch only. Please do not hit it with a bat or anything.

In consideration of user safety and product durability, there is not an on/off switch. Please remove the battery to turn it off after use as the User Guide instructs.

It is water-resistant, so there is no need to worry about the electronic components should the ball be dropped in water for a short time. However, the product is not intended for water use as frequent wetting can damage the leather skin. If the ball does get wet, remove the battery and let it dry.

No, it won't. Low battery power will result in the gradual dimming of the LEDs without shutting it off abruptly. Once the light goes noticeably dimmed, you should replace the battery.

It typically lasts 8 to 10 hours but varies depending on the storage conditions.

It has the same weight and dimensions as an MLB baseball. The only difference is the holes on the ball body to let the light shine through. The battery is located in the center of the ball, allowing for balanced and natural pitching characteristics.


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